I-PASS Institute and Coverys Collaborate to Bring Patient Safety Solution to Hospitals Nationwide

The collaboration offers a universal framework for clinical handoff communications to healthcare institutions, driving improved patient outcomes and supporting proactive risk management strategies

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–I-PASS Patient Safety Institute (I-PASS), the leading authority in highly reliable clinical handoffs, announced today that it is working with Coverys to offer a structured communication tool to hospitals nationwide. For more than 15 years, I-PASS has provided hundreds of healthcare institutions with the methodology, platform, and training to implement best-in-class clinical handoffs that capture critical patient information, prevent communication breakdowns, and significantly improve patient safety. A proven platform that has transformed care quality at some of the most clinically advanced hospitals in the country, I-PASS will now be offered to select hospitals at no cost. The funds for this program have been made available through the Coverys Community Healthcare Foundation, Inc., through its Transitions in Care grant program.

Of the hospitals that applied to the grant’s call for nominations, up to three recipients will be selected to participate in the pilot program. The program will offer access to the full I-PASS handoff bundle, hands-on training, and EHR integration to help these institutions reduce medical errors that occur due to miscommunication and poor patient handoffs. The grant recipients will be announced in fall of 2023.

A recent analysis by the Joint Commission identified communication breakdowns as the leading cause of sentinel events, which have increased by 78% from 2020 to 2022. With communication breakdowns, handoffs are a particularly vulnerable time for communication failures and can lead to serious or fatal medical errors. Further, hospitals and medical professional liability (MPL) organizations are seeing a steady rise in claims severity and medical malpractice nuclear verdicts. A 2022 study published in the Journal of Patient Safety shows that nearly half of all medical malpractice cases involve miscommunication, 77% of which could be prevented with a proper handoff tool. These findings are consistent with Coverys’ own extensive research, which identifies failed care transitions as a key contributor to patient harms and financial burden to healthcare providers.

“We recognize that in this challenging time in healthcare, proactive strategies are what’s going to drive meaningful change in patient safety,” said Dana Siegal, Vice President of Risk Management and Analytics at Coverys. “The Coverys team is committed to being part of this positive progress and bringing highly reliable handoff communications to hospitals to improve care delivery and experience. We’re looking forward to collaborating with I-PASS to bring world-class solutions to our providers.”

Coverys is a leading medical professional liability (MPL) insurance company with over 45 years of experience helping healthcare professionals reduce risks and improve patient safety. The organization has long emphasized the power of deep analysis of malpractice claims data to identify care vulnerabilities before harm ever reaches the patient. Now, they have set their sights on addressing inadequate care transitions and the serious risks they pose to patients.

“I-PASS and Coverys are deeply aligned on the importance of advancing patient safety and mitigating risk through structured communication,” said William Floyd, CEO of I-PASS. “Seeing all sides of the ecosystem collaborating towards the same mission is heartening. When we implement solutions that are proven to address the root cause of harmful events, we create a higher standard of care and a system where everyone wins.”

The I-PASS handoff method was first established by the I-PASS Study Group – a team of clinicians determined to create a blueprint for safer handoffs that captured often-missed patient information. The I-PASS handoff bundle is a direct result of their cumulative experience and research. The bundle offers a universal structure that enables caregivers across clinical settings to communicate patient information reliably and uniformly. Today, I-PASS Institute coaches and clinical leaders work with hospitals to help them adopt the I-PASS methodology through planning, implementation, training, and ultimately, sustained behavior and positive culture change. The cumulative effect is a more positive care experience for all parties and the opportunity to significantly reduce preventable adverse events.

For more information about working with the I-PASS Patient Safety Institute, please email info@ipassinstitute.com.

About I-PASS

The I-PASS Patient Safety Institute is a clinical leader in patient safety, enabling a standard of care for patient handoffs and closed-loop communication. Founded by clinicians in 2016, the I-PASS Institute leverages expert mentorship paired with technology and digital tools to scale the I-PASS methodology. The I-PASS Institute’s solution, the I-PASS Bundle, consists of three core technical components: I-PASS Training, I-PASS Assessment and Improvement, and I-PASS eVIEW. When institutions utilize these components in unison and with the guidance of an expert coach, they can reduce patient harm caused by miscommunication. I-PASS is currently implemented in more than 100 healthcare institutions across the continuum of care. Learn more at www.ipassinstitute.com.

About Coverys

As a leader in MPL insurance, Coverys combines proven insurance protection with data analytics to develop evidence-based processes and risk mitigation intelligence to help you enhance patient safety and reduce the risk of medical errors and claims. Learn more at www.coverys.com.

About the Coverys Community Healthcare Foundation, Inc.

The Coverys Community Healthcare Foundation, Inc. provides grant funding and donations to organizations and innovative programs that improve patient care and safety, promote healthy lifestyles, and support individuals and organizations providing healthcare services. The development of the Foundation exemplifies Coverys’ dedication to being an affirmative and active corporate citizen in the healthcare community and the communities in which it operates.


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