One Health Direct Launches, An Informational Site for Diabetic Patients Using Continuous Glucose Monitors

DUNEDIN, Fla., Sept. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — One Health Direct (OHD) has launched a new informational website,, designed with diabetic patients in mind. The goal of the easy-to-remember website is to offer better customer service through education.

“One Health Direct wanted to strengthen our connection to patients with” – Alois Rubenbauer, founder and CEO.

This one-stop visual product support site offers a comprehensive library of YouTube videos, featuring closed captioning built into the platform. The content housed on CGM101 was developed by OHD’s CGM manufacturing partner, aiming to fill a gap in the patient experience and help guide patients through proper product use. Visitors to the site will also find product guides in PDF format, available in both English and Spanish.

“One Health Direct wanted to strengthen our connection with patients,” said Alois Rubenbauer, founder and CEO. “ was an easy investment to make since it will improve the patient experience. We expect these educational tools to increase customer retention, as we will be able to service these patients better.” 

Any DME that partners with One Health Direct can offer their patients access to utilizing this tool, as well as live toll-free customer service support. Patients with additional questions are encouraged to connect with OHD’s specially trained customer service staff for any product questions, order tracking updates, as well as insurance or billing inquiries.

One Health Direct understands that patients vary in how they learn and prefer to receive instruction. While some users require only written or verbal instructions, others necessitate visuals or more in-depth directions to retain the necessary instructions. OHD’s CGM101 website, in conjunction with their toll-free support, ensures proper product training and support regardless of a patient’s learning preference and aptitude.

About One Health Direct

One Health Direct provides cutting-edge healthcare marketing, customer service, and patient engagement solutions to partners and clients. Our focus is on supplying innovative treatment options for patients suffering chronic health conditions, sent right to their homes while making the entire qualification, billing, and fulfillment process simple and time-saving for both the patient and physician.

Through collaboration with strategic partners and subsidiaries, One Health Direct has developed a holistic system that enables patients to receive better treatment solutions more effectively and efficiently manage chronic healthcare issues. Whether a partner is utilizing the complete system or only certain components, One Health Direct is committed to helping each partner provide better service to more patients suffering from chronic conditions.

One Health Direct supports patients of our partner DME (durable medical equipment) suppliers in attaining innovative treatment options, including products like continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), orthotics, urological, and phototherapy supplies.

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