Aruna Bio Announces Presentation on the Mechanism of its Neural Exosome Platform and Lead Program, AB126, at the BioProcess International Conference & Exhibition

– AB126, an unmodified exosome derived from neural stem cells, shows native therapeutic activity with anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties through modulation of the ATP-adenosine axis –

– Proof-of-concept studies expand in-house knowledge of AB126 loading and delivery potential for the treatment of acute and chronic CNS diseases –

BOSTON and ATHENS, Ga., Sept. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aruna Bio, Inc., a leader in the development of neural exosome-based therapeutics for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, today announced an oral presentation at the BioProcess International Conference & Exhibition, being held in Boston, MA from September 18-21, 2023. The presentation features data that highlights the mechanism and applications of its platform and lead program, AB126, a neural-derived exosome with an innate ability to cross the blood brain barrier. AB126 shows evidence of anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties through modulation of the ATP-adenosine axis.

“The proof-of-concept data further validates the mechanism and therapeutic applications of AB126 for the treatment of acute and chronic CNS diseases,” said, Steven Stice, Ph.D., Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Aruna Bio. “Growing evidence demonstrates that the inflammatory cascade is largely initiated by purine adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which activates microglia and further amplifies inflammation. In ischemic stroke models, AB126 degraded extracellular ATP to adenosine, which has neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory signaling properties. We are expanding the applications of AB126 across other neurological indications and are encouraged by the proof-of concept studies that validate the cargo loading applications of our neural exosome platform for improved drug delivery.”

Details and key takeaways from the presentation are as follows:

  • AB126 degrades extracellular ATP, a major inflammatory mediator, into the anti-inflammatory adenosine
    • ATP is broken down to adenosine by the presence of CD39 and CD73 on AB126
    • Mechanism of action supported by in vitro and in vivo studies that demonstrate proof of target engagement
    • ATP and adenosine levels can serve as an AB126 potency marker and clinical biomarker
  • Cargo loading studies confirm advances in mRNA and protein loading into neural exosomes
    • Engineered and endogenous loading method generated 10x mRNA in the exosomes and 3x protein levels in target cells compared to published methods
    • Exogenous catalase-loaded AB126 outperformed dose-matched macrophage derived exosomes in neuronal cell survival and protein delivery
  • Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) mouse study validates the small molecule drug delivery capabilities of neural exosomes via an intranasal route of administration
    • Proprietary doxorubicin loaded neural exosomes slowed GBM manifested disease progression

Conference and presentation details are as follows:

  • Presentation Title: Neural Exosomes for Use in CNS Indications: Innate Therapeutic Qualities and Drug Delivery Potential
  • Presenter: Raymond Swetenburg, Director, Discovery Research, Aruna Bio
  • Session: Applications of Exosomes
  • Presentation Date and Time: Monday, 18 September 2023 at 2:00 p.m. ET

About Aruna Bio

Aruna Bio is a leader in the development of neural exosomes for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. The company is utilizing its proprietary neural exosome platform and manufacturing capability to develop a pipeline of neural exosome-based therapeutics able to cross the blood brain barrier and enhance the body’s anti-inflammatory, self-repair and protective mechanisms to treat a range of neurodegenerative disorders where significant unmet medical need exists today. Additionally, the company’s neural exosome platform can be combined with therapeutics, such as small molecules, siRNAs and proteins, to cross the blood brain barrier and to the site of disease.

Investor Contact:

Corey Davis, Ph.D.
LifeSci Advisors

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