Pluto 5000 Launches AI Solution to Provide the Next Level of Hyperpersonalization for Websites, Leveraging User-Centric Data Ownership

Cartographer AI Explorer acts as a website assistant for each visitor, providing tailored content, contextualized explanations, and one-on-one guidance, all in real-time

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pluto 5000, a technology company held by Craevotieous that uses proprietary privacy and zero-trust encryption tech to build the next generation of the internet, today announced the public beta launch of Cartographer AI Explorer. The launch marks the industry-first solution that merges AI, hyperpersonalization and user-centric data ownership for marketers. With a simple line of code, marketing teams can now embed robust AI-personalization into their websites while deploying data privacy and management, typically reserved for enterprises with vast engineering support.

The balance between consumer choice and data-driven business decisions remains a universal challenge confronting global tech leaders, regulatory bodies and growing businesses. AI Explorer strikes this balance by acting as an AI-enabled website assistant that provides every visitor with tailored content, contextualized explanations, and one-on-one guidance, all in real-time. The solution aims to increase user engagement, retention and convertibility, as well as establish a scalable, privacy-focused data infrastructure for cross-departmental use.

“AI Explorer’s integration of a user-centric data ownership model exemplifies our core belief that data ownership in the era of pluralistic-AI foundational models is a non-zero sum game,” said Martin Fogelman, Founder & CEO and CTO of Pluto 5000. “With this launch, Pluto 5000 is enabling companies to drive growth while honoring, empowering and supercharging their users.”

AI Explorer combines Pluto 5000’s proprietary APIs with the latest generative AI advancements to make AI more accessible, ethical, and safer. The core technical features behind AI Explorer include:

  • Data Lockers: A Pluto 5000 proprietary feature that ensures data is stored in a manner that is solely controlled and owned by the user, while also allowing for a uniquely personalized user experience and enabling companies to comply with data protection laws around the world. After each interaction with AI Explorer, a summary of the session is stored in the user’s Data Lockers.
  • Celestial Command: Another proprietary feature that unlocks a new dimension of online sales and marketing for companies, bridging the gap between aligning with (private and confidential) company objectives and providing a (public) custom experience for every user.
  • Real-time Hyperpersonalization: With AI Explorer’s APIs, companies have the ability to experience real-time, dynamic marketing sites without the need to waste massive marketing and engineering resources.

Benefits of deploying AI Explorer include:

  • Enhanced User Engagement & Conversion: By leveraging hyperpersonalization through the integration of user-volunteered “small data” with powerful AI foundational models, companies can offer dynamic, bespoke user experiences that heighten engagement and conversions. AI Explorer’s scalability acts as a virtual one-on-one brand ambassador simultaneously and privately able to engage multiple visitors in real-time, providing a new “third space” for users to interact with companies and their products/services in a private, low-commitment digital environment before they buy or commit to providing the company with their data or time, allowing companies to further expand their marketing funnel and bolster their conversion rates.
  • Improved Sales & Branding Strategy: Accelerated sales efficiency empowers potential customers to self-qualify and access essential information, while also bolstering brand loyalty and trust through seamless guidance and robust out-of-the-box data privacy and data management functionality.
  • Efficiency & Cost Savings: Streamlined setup enables businesses to harness AI capabilities efficiently, leading to quicker deployment and potentially faster ROI, while also eliminating the need for extensive and costly UX research by ensuring user comprehension of product features and differentiators — preserving expensive and limited AI engineering resources for use on core business/product.

AI Explorer utilizes a dynamic monthly subscription pricing that adjusts based on the site traffic and the number of user interactions with the tool. To learn more about AI Explorer, visit    

About Pluto 5000:
Pluto 5000 is a technology company redefining the future of the internet. Using its proprietary privacy and zero-trust encryption technology, Pluto 5000’s APIs transform websites into a dynamic resource for AI-personalized digital experiences, empowering companies to develop deeper relationships with every single person who visits their site – all while enhancing their data privacy.

Founded in 2014 by Martin Fogelman III and backed by Freestyle, Concrete Rose and Bonfire Ventures, Pluto 5000 has raised ​​$3.8M and is focused on leveraging their APIs to create a world where restoring data ownership to users benefits both users and companies.

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