COTA Announces New Data Platform to Accelerate Cancer Research and Advance Generative AI Models for Cancer Care

Vista will set the standard for automating the abstraction of oncology data critical to accelerate research and build trust in AI models for oncology

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today COTA, a real-world oncology data and analytics company used by the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, announced Vista, a large-scale automated electronic health record (EHR) dataset to accelerate cancer research and the deployment of trusted generative AI in cancer care.

Vista will provide biopharmaceutical companies with timely insights from real-world data sources to bring life-saving therapies to market faster. Vista uses automated data abstraction techniques, machine learning algorithms, and medical expert oversight to glean clinically relevant information from electronic medical records at scale. That information provides better insights into the holistic journey of cancer patient populations, with the goal of not only powering retrospective analyses but also enabling patient matching into clinical trials.

“Real-world data that tells a more complete story of a patient has accelerated our understanding of cancer and the development of lifesaving and life-extending therapies,” said Miruna Sasu, CEO of COTA. “Generative AI has even more potential to advance treatment options for millions of people if we can build trusted large language models for oncology. That means first curating and validating data at a fundamentally different pace and scale. That’s what we are doing with Vista.”

Unreliable data is the single largest barrier to unlocking generative AI as a breakthrough tool to transform cancer therapy for millions of patients. Vista sources data directly from the electronic medical record and COTA oncologists provide programmatic oversight of the data to ensure the information is clinically precise and relevant. This transparency is critical to power trustworthy AI tools.

While a standalone product, Vista is a precursor to COTA’s existing and more targeted datasets, Vantage and Focus. This enables researchers to transition seamlessly from broad hypothesis generation to deep clinical studies of specific patient cohorts. Vista is also COTA’s most complete dataset to date, including broad co-morbidity information, beyond oncology conditions, in order to provide a clear picture of real-world cancer populations. While many clinical datasets are still restricted by stringent criteria to include only the most straightforward cancer patients, Vista incorporates both oncological and non-oncological information about patients with any cancer diagnosis or diagnoses to provide the most real and complete picture of factors that impact a patient’s health journey through cancer treatment.

About COTA, Inc.

Founded by oncologists, COTA is committed to creating a precise, patient-first approach to cancer care through the use of real-world data. The company leverages technology-supported data abstraction methods to make sense of complex, fragmented patient data from the real world. Offering the highest quality oncology real-world data from leading academic and community-based cancer centers and an advanced analytics platform, COTA partners with leading life sciences companies, providers, and payers to ensure that everyone touched by cancer has a clear path to the right care. To learn more about COTA and how to fast-track improvements in cancer care and treatment with comprehensive and diverse real-world data and analytics, visit



Jaimee Ryan

SVP Marketing

COTA Healthcare

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