Gene Guard Detox Announces the First of Its Kind: Glyphosate & Forever Chemicals Binding Solution

Gene Guard Detox, a groundbreaking scientific research company since 2019, has developed a patented revolutionary new product, a novel probiotic selected for removing glyphosate and plasticizing chemicals from the body.

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / November 30, 2023 / Gene Guard Detox is thrilled to announce a glyphosate detox solution that has successfully identified and isolated strains of food- grade bacteria, using in-vitro and in-vivo testing to reduce glyphosate levels by more than 50%. The strains employed are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) and food grade as defined by the US FDA for safety and efficacy.

Led by Founder & CEO John McColgan and his science advisory team, including Paul Mills, Ph.D., and Hans-Peter Bissinger, Ph.D., Gene Guard has been developing bacterial strains that can reduce the absorption of ubiquitous toxins ingested in diets that can have detrimental effects on human health.

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the controversial herbicide, “RoundUp,” which is also the key ingredient in dozens of other herbicides. Glyphosate is contaminating food supplies worldwide and potentially contributes to a range of disorders and illnesses in humans and animals due to chronic exposure and accumulation in tissues.

In 2020, the first round of Gene Guard’s in-vitro testing identified strains of bacteria that decreased glyphosate in solution. Subsequent in-vitro testing revealed that these strains bind glyphosate, and in-vivo testing using laboratory animals showed further significant positive binding effects, resulting in a 40% increase of glyphosate levels in the stool and a 46% decrease of glyphosate levels in the serum as well as 20% decrease of glyphosate levels in the liver. These findings indicate a marked reduction of glyphosate absorption in the body.

Gene Guard has data suggesting that similar outcomes exist for the most pervasive environmental toxins (plasticizers, e.g., BPA). Importantly, we observed that these activities are potentially synergistically enhanced using heat-killed bacteria to adsorb glyphosate and BPA simultaneously. The company is also evaluating prebiotics to increase the levels of its probiotic strains in vivo and additional strain improvement.

Gene Guard’s application of probiotics within the human health and wellness industry provides global market opportunities and sustainable long-term growth in the human and pet market. Through its innovative technology, Gene Guard is the first-to-market with patented glyphosate binding strains that are GRAS. These strains represent a platform for simple screening of additional toxins that will likely expand the utility and value of GRAS isolates with toxin binding activity.

According to several studies, the global probiotics market could reach $130 billion by 2030. Gene Guard’s strains can be licensed now for an extensive range of probiotics, food additives, and feed applications to reduce xenobiotic exposure.

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About Gene Guard Detox

Gene Guard Detox, a groundbreaking scientific research organization since 2019, has been developing bacterial strains that are able to reduce the absorption by binding of ubiquitous toxins ingested in our diets. Their selective probiotic strains mitigate the amount of toxins that enter the circulation and organs from the digestive tract by virtue of the probiotic’s individual capacity to bind environmental toxins.

John McColgan / CEO & Founder
Gene Guard Detox

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