DentPrime Announces Comprehensive Dental Care Services in Turkey

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / February 2, 2024 / DentPrime Health Tourism Agency, a leading health tourism agency accredited by the Turkish Dental Associations and the Ministry of Health, announces its comprehensive dental care services in Turkey. Led by Abdullah Özkarslı, CEO and Founder of DentPrime, the agency is committed to providing high-quality, full-package dental treatments in the top Turkish tourist destinations.

DentPrime ensures a seamless experience for international patients, offering agreements with several 5-star and boutique hotels in Antalya and Istanbul. Patient comfort is prioritized during the treatment process, with stays typically ranging from 5 to 7 days, varying based on the type of treatment received. For extensive procedures, like implant surgeries, Hollywood smiles, or smile designs, DentPrime provides VIP transfer services. Patients are collected at the airport in VIP vehicles to ensure their comfort. A native-speaking translator is also provided to assist patients during their time in Turkey.

DentPrime’s Dental Clinic. Image: DentPrime Turkey

Özkarslı expresses the agency’s commitment to quality and experience, stating that top-quality materials and specialized dentists make a difference in precise dental work. DentPrime presents the best options in Turkey, selecting clinics and dentists meeting global standards. DentPrime’s selection process involves a thorough verification process for luxury clinics, ensuring top-brand materials, dental surgery degrees, up-to-date equipment, modern facilities near tourist attractions, certifications in implant dentistry, a minimum of 5 years of experience, stable and affordable prices for tourists, and long warranty periods in dental treatments.

The agency seeks to address challenges in the health tourism sector, particularly concerns about unauthorized companies and poor-quality clinics. DentPrime’s focus on offering pocket-friendly prices, experienced dentists, high-quality equipment, multilingual staff service, hygienic and luxurious clinics, and partnerships with 5-star hotels craft a smooth and revitalizing experience from start to finish.

DentPrime’s dental implant treatments boast some of the world’s best dentists and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring patients undergo treatment using the latest techniques. Dental treatment prices in Turkey are significantly more affordable, making it an ideal destination for those seeking advanced treatment. The agency also ensures short waiting times for dental procedures.

The touristic experience offered by DentPrime allows patients to enjoy an unforgettable holiday along with dental treatments. By getting dental implants in Turkey, patients can recover missing teeth while exploring Turkey’s historical and natural beauty.

By organising promotional and introduction events in different cities in England, DentPrime brought together their team and doctors with hundreds of prospective patients. In this way, they were able to explain themselves better and establish stronger relationships of trust with potential patients.

DentPrime started official procedures to open an information office in London. And they announced their London office with an advertisement prepared with CGI technology.

Employing a unique marketing approach, DentPrime participated in a CGI advertising trend at Piccadilly Circus, London.

With its advertising work in Picadilly Circus, London’s world-famous square, the Turkish company managed to capture the attention of thousands of British citizens who will travel from England to Turkey for treatment.

Using CGI technology and numerous drones, a massive box was transported to Picadilly Circus, the most famous square in London, England’s capital. When the box’s cover is removed, the lids fall off and a shiny, brand new and shiny spinning tooth emerges from the package. Throughout this, promotional videos about Turkey are being shown on the square’s famous giant LED screens.

DentPrime’s CGI Event in London. Image: DentPrime Turkey

The brand, which has previously produced many popular advertisements, has become the first Turkish brand to use this trending advertising model in the field of health tourism, which is prepared using CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) technology, which is the latest trend and in which brands all over the world compete.

DentPrime wants to continue launching their drones by opening offices in different capitals in Europe to establish a stronger communication with potential patients.

DentPrime continues to grow with the agency devoted to maintaining boutique, high-quality, and affordable services. Monthly consultation events in England cities and the establishment of Information Offices in cities like Glasgow and Manchester within the next year are part of DentPrime’s expansion plans.

DentPrime’s Dental Clinic. Image: DentPrime Turkey

About DentPrime Health Tourism Agency:

DentPrime Health Tourism Agency, under the leadership of Abdullah Özkarslı, stands as a premier health tourism agency accredited by both the Turkish Dental Associations and the Ministry of Health. Specializing in dental care services, DentPrime is dedicated to providing top-notch dental treatments in the most sought-after Turkish tourist destinations. DentPrime is not a dental clinic but an innovative health tourism company, offering a full-service approach to address the various needs of patients. The agency is internationally accredited and authorized to provide comprehensive solutions, making it a reliable choice for those seeking dental treatments in Turkey.

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