Wellin5 and Kintsugi Health Announce Innovative Partnership to Transform Mental Health Care

CARLSBAD, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Wellin5, the premier provider of online counseling, proudly announces a new partnership with Kintsugi, an AI mental health technology leader. This collaboration comes at a time when Wellin5 has successfully navigated the turbulent economic landscape and challenges in the health tech space to thrive and bring this vital partnership to life, setting a new standard in mental health care for over 50,000 clients based in Canada and the USA.

We are immensely proud of this partnership with Kintsugi. It represents not just our resilience and growth in challenging times but also our commitment to innovative solutions in mental health care, said William Masih, CEO and founder of Wellin5. This collaboration will significantly enhance our ability to provide empathetic, effective, and data-driven care to our patients.

Kintsugi’s AI-powered tool, Kintsugi Voice, will be integrated into Wellin5’s counseling services, offering a revolutionary mental health screening and monitoring approach. This technology enables counselors to efficiently screen for depression and anxiety and evaluate treatment impacts over time, leveraging voice biomarkers for objective insights.

Grace Chang, CEO and founder of Kintsugi, added: Partnering with Wellin5 is a milestone for Kintsugi. Our AI solution aims to transform how mental health conditions are detected and monitored, and with Wellin5, we can make a real impact in the lives of thousands.”

This partnership is set to address the significant challenges in mental health diagnosis and treatment. With Kintsugi Voice, Wellin5 counselors will be able to access real-time mental wellness scores, reducing reliance on conventional assessment methods that are subjective, time-consuming, and based on invasive questions that patients may not feel comfortable answering.

Wellin5’s commitment to redefining mental health care, especially while many have struggled to maintain operations, speaks to the company’s resilience and dedication to its mission. This partnership with Kintsugi is a testament to Wellin5’s continuous innovation and growth in the mental health space.

About Wellin5

Wellin5 is a mental health tech company and a leader in online counseling, providing cutting-edge technology and a full spectrum of mental wellness services to drive therapist-client engagement. After successfully scaling its flagship product in Canada in 2019, Wellin5 acquired Therachat in 2020 to expand its presence in the US market.

About Kintsugi

Kintsugi is the leading voice biomarker software that detects signs of depression and anxiety from short clips of free-form speech, closing mental health care gaps across risk-bearing health systems saving time and lives. Based in Berkeley, California, Kintsugi is on a mission to provide equitable access to mental healthcare for all.


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