Dynamaxx Revitalizes Its Product Portfolio, Launches Nine Enhanced and Newly Formulated Offerings: Full Alliance Group (OTC: “FAGI”)

TAMPA, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 27, 2024 / Full Alliance Group, Inc. (OTC PINK:FAGI) wholly owned subsidiary DYNAMAXX, is thrilled to announce the the reformulation of its amazing Lights On and Lights Off product offering with 70 plant based trace minerals and all necessary electrolytes for amazing hydration, adding chromium polynicotinate for blood sugar support, making them a perfect pair for balanced energy and rest.

Basse, a powerful multi-ingredient formulation, is your go-to solution for radiant skin, luscious hair, and strong nails, all while supporting tendon and ligament health. Packed with essential nutrients, including collagen for skin elasticity and hydration, highly bioavailable MSM to combat signs of aging and support a healthy inflammatory response, and naturally occurring silica from bamboo extract for strong cellular structures from hair and skin to bones and joints.


IMMUNOZEN, a new product in the DYNAMAXX lineup, is the Next Generation of intelligent immune support for health and wellness. Effective immune function is our single greatest defense against today’s countless threats to good health. Without it even minor threats can compromise one’s health and wellbeing. In our world of rapid global travel, mutating “superbugs,” and the stresses of everyday life, a vibrant, efficient immune system is the best possible health insurance anyone can have!

“We believe that an effective immune function is our most formidable defense in this ever-changing world. IMMUNOZEN is a broad spectrum immune enhancing supplement that is safe for daily use. This is our commitment to your health and wellbeing,” stated Edgar Mojica, Co Founder of Dynamaxx.

VISCETRIM is a Metabolic Regimen that tones and improves abdominal contour. The Regimen consists of an oral supplement (Viscetrim Caps) and a topical treatment (Viscetrim Serum). Use twice a day in combination with a healthy diet and exercise program. Clinically demonstrated over 90 days, with positive results seen in as little as 1 week. A study of Viscetrim showed improvement in body contour as well as changes in body composition. A lower percentage of body fat and a higher muscle mass was noted without drastic dieting. Visceral fat was reduced, and daily energy expenditure improved. Abdominal protuberance was notably decreased as well. Viscetrim is set to be highlighted at multiple medical conferences in the near future.

Steve Kushner stated, “Viscetrim is thrilled to be offering its clinically demonstrated metabolic regimen kit through the Dynamaxx group. Viscetrim is a novel and safe regimen that will excel at helping people achieve and maintain both metabolic health and improved body composition.”

FLEX is a comprehensive support formula for improving both joint function and flexibility and supporting healthy inflammation, both in joints and systemically. Flex is a multi-faceted formula that works through several clinically researched mechanisms to deliver multi-faceted benefits. The Flex formulation helps to support a healthy inflammatory response, reduce joint stiffness, improve mobility, speed muscle recovery, calm both body and mind, and support healthy sleep when used in the evening.

DETOX is composed of broad spectrum metabolically active enzymes to directly support the breakdown of foods, probiotics to directly support the health of the lower GI tract, and several beneficial botanicals to support the function of the major organs of digestion. Detox provides a steady supply of enzymes necessary to break down foodstuffs including proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Simultaneously, specific botanicals help stimulate and support the glands and organs of digestion that fuel the breakdown, assimilation, and elimination of all foodstuffs.

BOOST is a dynamic blend of Ribose and Coffee Cherry, meticulously crafted to elevate your physical and cognitive performance. Simultaneously, this unique blend increases BDNF levels, promoting heightened cognitive function, mental clarity, and focus. Comprising whole food-based ingredients, BOOST ensures safe and effective use. Harness the natural healing power of Hypochlorous Acid, a substance naturally occurring in the body. Our stable solution ensures precision and consistency, providing a skincare solution backed by science.

About Full Alliance Group, Inc.

Full Alliance Group, Inc. is a holding company in the health and wellness sector.

FAGI’s wholly owned subsidiary, Bio Lab Naturals, Inc., founded in 2000, through its FDA-registered wholly owned subsidiary Pure Solutions, Inc., was built on the simple principles of using the highest quality ingredients, producing products with the greatest possible efficacy, and providing its partners with unsurpassed customer service all at a fair price. From day one, the Company has specialized in custom product development and FDA-compliant contract manufacturing, with a passion for cutting-edge formulations and innovative product selection. Now housed in a state-of-the-art 25,000 square foot facility in Tampa, Pure Solutions remains committed to its founding principles and is ready to expand its operations through growing organically by adding diversity to its in-house product lines and strategically through joint ventures, partnerships, acquisitions, exclusive manufacturing and distribution agreements, and mergers.

FAGI’s other wholly owned subsidiary DYNAMAXX International Ltd. is in the health and supplement space using the direct selling channel as its sales force with its main operations in the United States and Canada. DYNAMAXX was founded in 2009 and has expanded globally since that time with its line of supplements. In addition to having a world class supplement product line, in October 2023 DYNAMAXX launched the first ever cash pay medical referral network through its independent reps (“Members”); allowing its Members to refer friends, family, other Members and customers to doctors who participate in the Dynamaxx Health Network. Initially, Dynamaxx Health Inc. is referring patients for EBOO/EBO2, PRP, Shockwave procedures to Doctors in the network. DYNAMAXX has a cost-effective way for individuals to participate in the ever-growing GIG economy by offering an aggressive compensation program to those that refer customers who purchase products, refer individuals to the Dynamaxx Health Network or to other individuals who want to start their own business. The company offers training and support to their distributors and has a strong focus on helping people achieve financial freedom through their business opportunity.

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Full Alliance Group Inc. Investor Relations
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