AI-Powered Health Technology Company Bio Conscious Launches “Endobits V5” – An Industry-Leading Automated & Remote Patient Monitoring Platform To Revolutionize Diabetes Care

VANCOUVER, BC and HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / March 6, 2024 / Bio Conscious Technologies Inc., a global leader at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Health Technology, today announced the latest version of its industry-leading approach to diabetes care through its innovative Endobits Version 5 (TM) Automated Remote Patient Management (ARPM) platform, which is now the most advanced platform available for Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) patient care.

Redefining Patient Management with ARPM

ARPM is disrupting diabetes care, specifically in its applications for health-care professionals. Using advanced machine-learning algorithms, ARPM can identify high-risk patients far more quickly and accurately than traditional clinical diagnostic methods – leading to greater efficiency, reduced hospitalizations, and a better overall patient experience.

“Healthcare providers face an overwhelming challenge to understand patient CGM data”, commented Amir Hayeri, Founder and CEO of Bio Conscious Technologies. “Traditional metrics, like HbA1c, are being superseded. The new Endobits V5 ARPM platform utilizes specialized machine-learning (ML) algorithms to analyze patient CGM data and prioritize patients while providing actionable ‘Hints’ to help healthcare professionals treat and manage their patients with greatly increased efficiency”

Better Understanding Glucose Variability

Diabetes patients with high glucose variability are difficult to analyze and are poorly served by traditional “average HbA1c” analysis metrics.

“Endobits new and innovative, state-of-the-art machine-learning algorithms will allow healthcare professionals to understand glucose variability in individuals more accurately and treat patients more effectively, including acting preemptively” said Keith Burke, Chief Technology Officer, Bio Conscious Technologies “This technology can greatly improve patient health and clinical efficiency, including reducing costs.”

Endobits Automated Monitoring

Endobits In-Clinic Patient Monitoring System automates and is expected to dramatically improve the accuracy and efficiency of patient data analysis, allowing healthcare providers to focus on personalized care.

“It’s not just about saving hours daily, it’s about improving the quality and timeliness of patient interventions.” Commented Dr. Jerome Fischer, Chief Medical Officer, Bio Conscious Technologies. Fischer added, “With Endobits V5, our goal is to provide a platform to do more than record the glucose levels, to continually prove value to both the patient and the care team.”

Integration with Major EMR/EHR Providers

Bio Conscious Technologies is integrating Endobits into major Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Hospital Records (EHR) platforms in the USA and Canada. This integration will simplify data interoperability and improve patient therapy and clinical administrative processes. Bio Conscious is working with care provider networks across North America to scale its Endobits ARPM network and further develop its innovative ML dysglycemia science.

About Bio Conscious Technologies

A global leader in innovating at the intersectionality of healthcare technology and applied Artificial Intelligence (AI), Bio Conscious Technologies is dedicated to creating solutions that improve patient health while reducing healthcare expenditures. The company’s mission is to improve overall diabetes treatment worldwide through our Prevention As A Service model (PaaS). People living with diabetes can also download our companion application which offers personalized alerts, risk forecasts, and educational resources.

To learn more about our company and our mission please visit our website at

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