FDB Showcases How to Elevate the Clinician Experience at HIMSS24

Learn how physicians, pharmacists & others benefit from patient-specific CDS, simplified patient medication instructions & a more flexible ePrescribing network

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., March 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — FDB (First Databank, Inc.), the leading provider of drug knowledge that helps healthcare professionals make precise decisions, will showcase how provider organizations can elevate the clinician experience at the 2024 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, March 11-15. Through patient-specific clinical decision support (CDS), simplified patient instructions that help lead to better medication adherence, and a more flexible ePrescribing network that enables the smooth flow of prescriptions between prescribers, payers, and pharmacies, FDB is helping solve major challenges for healthcare delivery organizations today.

FDB PatientFirst™ Solutions: Enabling Informed Medication Decisions While Reducing Alert Burden

Attendees at a HIMSS24 education session and visitors to FDB booth #1747 in the HIMSS24 exhibit hall will discover how leading hospitals and health systems are using FDB PatientFirst™ solutions. These solutions leverage individual patient data such as lab results and clinical risk scores to ensure that medication CDS alerts and additional guidance are presented to healthcare providers only when pertinent to a patient’s immediate care needs and are appropriately timed within the workflow. This context-aware CDS helps to improve medication decision-making for better patient care and safety while lessening the burden of over-alerting and data searching that clinicians face.

“Clinicians are overburdened. We all know that,” said Virginia Halsey, senior vice president of strategy and product management for FDB. “One way that we can help is to amplify alerts that are most relevant to the patient currently being treated while achieving an overall net reduction in alerts. We do that by elevating patient-specific guidance and reducing generalized warnings. In addition, we are now taking this same approach to help reduce inpatient medication costs by using patient-specific information to suggest appropriate alternatives.”

FDB Targeted Medication Warnings™: Patient-Centered Guidance at the Right Moment

The foundation of FDB PatientFirst is FDB Targeted Medication Warnings™. The solution integrates the most sophisticated medication decision support from FDB to provide clinicians with more meaningful and patient-centered information. CDS alert guidance can be targeted to high-risk clinical scenarios and is fully customizable to reflect an institution’s best practices while leveraging situational context and patient-specific parameters, rather than generic warnings. By identifying only the patients that manifest the risk at the right time in the workflow, Targeted Medication Warnings can help clinicians protect patients and promote drug efficacy while improving the clinician experience.

HIMSS24 attendees will learn how NCH (Naples Comprehensive Health) used FDB Targeted Medication Warnings with FDB AlertSpace® to elevate the experience of its physicians and to improve patient safety and Leapfrog CPOE test results. See below for more details on the NCH education session, titled Introducing More Meaningful Medication Guidance While Tackling Alert Overload.

FDB CDS Analytics™: Providing Actionable Insights into the Effectiveness of Clinical Decision Support

HIMSS24 attendees will also discover the powerful FDB CDS Analytics™ platform that works in conjunction with FDB Targeted Medication Warnings to enable healthcare institutions to seamlessly track, analyze, and refine their medication-related CDS. With user-friendly dashboards, decision-makers can review and interpret trends in CDS interaction, dissecting the data at departmental and individual clinician levels for precise adjustments. Furthermore, FDB CDS Analytics allows for long-term monitoring of CDS performance, assessing its contribution to patient safety, clinical outcomes, and overall user satisfaction.

FDB Pharmacogenomic CDS: Advancing Personalized Prescribing with Genetic Data

By integrating patients’ genetic data, medical institutions are enhancing prescribing accuracy and treatment effectiveness while incorporating added safeguards to protect patients from adverse drug events. HIMSS24 attendees will learn how FDB advances this trend with its Pharmacogenomic CDS solution. FDB Pharmacogenomics CDS provides actionable insights for tailored medication choices that align with individual genetic profiles.

FDB’s Meducation® Solution: Helping Patients Better Understand Medication Instructions

Equipping clinicians with better tools to help patients understand and adhere to drug therapies further enhances the clinician’s experience and helps them achieve better outcomes for patients. HIMSS24 attendees will see how FDB’s Meducation® solution delivers easy-to-understand and personalized medication instructions to all patients, including those with limited English language proficiency. Meducation materials include simplified monographs, Universal Medication Schedule (UMS) calendar visuals, videos demonstrating how to administer medications, and more. All materials adhere to a 5th– to 8th-grade reading level for greater accessibility and can be made available in more than 30 languages. Meducation also supports multilingual labeling for prescriptions.

FDB Vela™: Bringing Greater Flexibility to ePrescribing

FDB will mark the second anniversary of the FDB Vela™ ePrescribing Network at HIMSS24. This new cloud-native electronic prescribing network is rapidly gaining momentum because it is giving prescribers, payers, pharmacies, and hubs the flexibility they need to innovate and improve the drug prescribing and prescription fulfillment process for all participants including consumers. It is also extending the benefits of ePrescribing to the veterinary market. 

HIMSS Education Session: NCH Boosts Physician Experience, Patient Safety, and Leapfrog CPOE Test Results with FDB PatientFirst Solutions

FDB customer NCH (Naples Comprehensive Health), a non-profit, Advanced Community Health System™ located in Naples, Florida, will share its transformational CDS experience during a HIMSS24 education session. Chief Medical Informatics Officer and CDS HeroDavid R. Linz, MD, FACP, will enlighten attendees on how the health system utilized FDB PatientFirst solutions in conjunction with a new electronic health record (EHR) system implementation to ensure the relevancy of drug guidance and to prevent prescribers from being inundated with too many new non-pertinent medication CDS alerts. 

The implementation yielded remarkable reductions in drug-drug interaction (DDI) and specific high-volume alerts. It also contributed to NCH’s improvement in its Leapfrog CPOE test results, while simultaneously alleviating time-pressed clinicians and IT staff from the obligation to continually review, research, and update the information, passing those responsibilities on to FDB.

The NCH education session, titled “Introducing More Meaningful Medication Guidance While Tackling Alert Overload, is scheduled for 1:30-2:30 pm ET, Tuesday, March 12, in W311A, West Building, Level 3 in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

Read the related press release. 

CDS Hooks Optimization: Integrating Transformational Medication Guidance More Easily 

HIMSS24 attendees will learn more about how FDB continues to invest in and optimize its solutions. FDB team members will discuss how the FDB Targeted Medication Warnings solution can now be integrated using CDS Hooks*, a Health Level Seven International® (HL7®) specification that allows for enhanced integration of clinical software applications within an EHR system. This enhancement will enable EHR and other healthcare technology developers to more quickly and easily present trusted, patient-specific medication decision support from Targeted Medication Warnings during the optimal workflows within the prescriber’s EHR, such as when a new medication is selected for ordering.  

CDS Heroes™:  Leading the Way in Optimizing Medication CDS

FDB is pleased to recognize and thank the outstanding individuals within hospitals and health systems who use FDB PatientFirst solutions to improve medication decision support for healthcare providers. These CDS Heroes are on a mission to ignite actionable guidance, transform clinician workflows, elevate patient safety and outcomes, and banish alert overload for a better clinician experience. FDB hopes to inspire other healthcare systems and hospitals to undertake new patient-centric CDS optimization initiatives by championing the success of CDS Heroes.

HIMSS24 attendees whose organizations are enhancing medication CDS are invited to share their success stories at FDB booth #1747 and learn how they can be recognized as CDS Heroes.

“Elevate Your Experience”: Unwind with Wine, Beer & Gourmet Popcorn

HIMSS24 attendees are invited to join FDB for a casual in-booth reception to network with industry experts and peers. FDB will celebrate CDS Heroes at the reception.

“Elevate Your Experience” Reception
Wednesday, March 13
4:30-6 pm
Orange County Convention Center
West Hall
Booth #1747
Complimentary gourmet popcorn gift to all attendees
Raffle drawing to win a $500 Apple Gift Card

Must be present to win.
Drawing to be conducted at 5:45 pm.

Meet With FDB Representatives to Learn More: 

The FDB team will be on hand at booth #1747 in the HIMSS24 Exhibit Hall to answer attendees’ questions and discuss their organizations’ medication CDS-related clinician experience challenges.

Book a meeting here.

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