TimeSmart.AI Announces Partnership with Leading EHR Provider PointClickCare to Revolutionize Contract Compliance and Clinician Invoicing in Skilled Nursing Facilities

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TimeSmart.AI, an emerging innovator in healthcare contract compliance and clinician payment efficiency, has developed an integration with PointClickCare Technologies Inc., the leading cloud-based software platform for the senior care continuum.

PointClickCare is widely recognized as the premier solution in the senior living and skilled nursing market. With this integration, TimeSmart.AI is now live in the PointClickCare Marketplace, providing an innovative solution for senior care organizations to improve contract compliance and streamline invoice management processes.

A Critical Need for Compliance and Efficiency

Every Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) must have a Medical Director, and the Office of Inspector General (OIG) closely monitors Medical Directorships to ensure that payments align with contractual obligations. Furthermore, SNFs often collaborate with multiple nursing agencies, each with unique contractual specifications regarding services and hours.

This complexity often places a substantial administrative burden on the shoulders of Directors of Nursing (DoNs) and Facility Administrators, who must ensure contractual compliance with invoices and payments through a predominantly manual process. Compliance challenges can lead to significant risks, including potential fines, making efficient and accurate billing processes a top priority for SNFs.

Streamlining Contract Compliance and Payment Efficiency with TimeSmart.AI

TimeSmart.AI offers a powerful solution to these challenges. Its software simplifies the process of activity logging and timesheet management for healthcare practitioners and nursing agencies, reducing administrative burden and streamlining compliance processes. By automating contract and payment compliance checks, TimeSmart.AI enables healthcare organizations to mitigate legal and compliance risks, avoid potential overpayments, and resolve billing complications efficiently.

With TimeSmart.AI, organizations can effectively plan resources and spending, ensuring strict compliance and reducing the risk of fines. This integration with PointClickCare allows senior living and skilled nursing facilities to enhance cost and time efficiency through the comprehensive management of timesheets, invoices, and contracts.

“Collaborating with PointClickCare is a significant step forward in our vision at TimeSmart.AI to empower healthcare organizations with the tools they need to enhance compliance, streamline operations, and ultimately provide the best care possible,” said Ismail Moola, CEO and Co-Founder of TimeSmart.AI. “Our team recognizes the value that PointClickCare brings to the market, and are excited to continue to build upon our integration and provide value to joint customers. This integration reinforces our commitment to transforming the healthcare industry, reducing administrative burdens, and ensuring that compliance remains at the core of what we do. Through this integration with PointClickCare, we are poised to make a real difference in senior living healthcare.”

About TimeSmart.AI:

TimeSmart.AI, a clinician-led solution, was designed to help healthcare organizations improve contract compliance, streamlining operational efficiencies and payment processes for healthcare organizations. By leveraging powerful AI-driven algorithms, TimeSmart.AI automatically cross checks timesheets and invoices to the contractual obligations of clinicians to ensure compliance and reduce the risk of legal action and regulatory fines. For more information, please visit TimeSmart.AI or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

For more information about TimeSmart.AI and its integrated solution with PointClickCare, please visit the PointClickCare Marketplace or contact the TimeSmart.AI team.


TimeSmart.AI Media Contact:

Dan Conley

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