CharmHealth Launches CharmHealthApps to Connect EHR Users With the Best Vendors to Further Advance Care

Easy-to-Use Facilitates User Interactions, Streamlines Integrations

PLEASANTON, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CharmHealthCharmHealth, a leader in healthcare technology solutions for providers, today announced the launch of its health-tech marketplace, CharmHealthApps, a third-party vendor and innovation hub that aids in the discovery and acquisition of integrated healthcare-related products and services. With products and services hosted in a central location, CharmHealth users can explore the digital marketplace to find innovative solutions that will enhance not only their practices but also their ability to provide care.

CharmHealthApps, a veritable one-stop shop, is designed to facilitate the interaction between vendors, providers and patients as well as streamline integrations through CharmHealth. This ecosystem enables users to make CharmHealth’s EHR platform truly their own, offering a wide array of tools designed to augment and customize the functionality of the EHR system according to individual needs.

At the same time, vendors gain a new way to reach and interact with provider customers as they are discovered through the hub. Vendors have significant control over their listings and product positioning to ensure that prospective customers have the latest information and reviews. Additionally, because many offerings are bespoke applications that take time to set up, CharmHealthApps lets vendors track status and ensure that the customer relationship is progressing smoothly. Providers can also contact vendors through the CharmHealthApps marketplace to ask questions or make feature requests.

“We see collaboration as an essential component in improving healthcare overall, so we want to offer greater exposure and integration opportunities for vendors, particularly startups driving innovation, while providing novel experiences for users,” said Pramila Srinivasan, Ph.D., CEO of CharmHealth. “As the connective tissue for vendors and users, CharmHealthApps helps to deliver positive change and better outcomes with strategic implementation of technology.”

CharmHealth teams with partners to deliver cost-effective solutions and help providers with their digital transformation. CharmHealthApps allows EHR vendors to register and create accounts on the platform. Its user-friendly interface makes it simple for vendors to list, edit and manage their marketplace listings with detailed information. All vendors and their listings are then validated by CharmHealth to ensure the quality and reliability of products and services as well as their ability to comply with marketplace standards and regulations.

Once approved, vendors receive all the tools they need to update information, manage product listings, and interact with potential customers. Listings include detailed product information, features, pricing, certifications and reviews. CharmHealth conducts regular audits of product listings to ensure accuracy and compliance. Additionally, CharmHealth has implemented single sign on (SSO) to enable users to sign in with their CharmHealth credentials for a safe, streamlined experience. The platform also leverages encryption protocols to protect user and vendor data and deploys regular security audits and updates to safeguard against potential threats.

Users will encounter a wide range of applications that serve different functions, such as AI-enabled solutions to enhance the provider experience, cutting-edge devices that can improve the workflow, patient engagement solutions, and apps to streamline administrative tasks and improve clinical decision support. Key partners in the marketplace include:

  • Health tech vendors that build apps to enable a frictionless experience for physicians.
  • Labs and prescription centers that can be integrated into the physicians’ workflow.
  • Services and consultants who provide IT or billing/revenue cycle management services to providers.
  • System integrators and migration health IT developers.
  • Device manufacturers that help providers’ workflows.

With CharmHealthApps, users gain greater access to new solutions with a seamless flow of data between selected applications and CharmHealth. To assist in finding the products and services right for them, users can filter queries based on interest. CharmHealth’s system will also make recommendations.

“As a provider, access to cutting-edge technologies should not be limited to those in large health conglomerates,” added Srinivasan. “As an innovator, there needs to be a marketplace to list inventions, monetize apps, and access integration to a world-renowned cloud-based platform used by providers globally.”

To help introduce the latest technologies to the market, CharmHealth’s marketplace puts innovative startups squarely in front of their target user base. In fact, several of CharmHealth’s past Innovation Challenge winners are currently listed on the marketplace.

The new CharmHealthApps marketplace is the latest addition to a platform dedicated to improving healthcare. To learn more about CharmHealth, including its cutting-edge product advances, visit

About CharmHealth

CharmHealth is a leading provider of innovative healthcare technology solutions that empower healthcare organizations to deliver efficient, high-quality care. With a focus on interoperability, patient engagement, and streamlined workflows, CharmHealth offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of modern healthcare. For more information on CharmHealth, visit To get breaking news, follow the company on LinkedIn, Facebook and @charmhealth.

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