Lynx.MD Strengthens Medical Data Ecosystem with Elevate ENT Partners

Partnership Brings Real-World Data to MedTech and Life Sciences to Accelerate Innovation in Otolaryngology Research

PALO ALTO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 12, 2024 / Lynx.MD, a leading medical data intelligence platform for healthcare research and AI development, today announced its strategic alliance with Elevate ENT Partners. Elevate ENT, a prominent player in the Otolaryngology (ENT) space with over 300 providers and 90 locations, has a rich data repository from a cohort of more than 3.5 million patients.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in ENT research as it integrates Elevate ENT’s real-world data into Lynx.MD’s robust secure research ecosystem. Leveraging Lynx.MD’s advanced AI capabilities, the partnership unlocks previously inaccessible unstructured data, including physician notes, procedure reports, imaging, labs, and pharmacy data. Complementing this with traditional structured data such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR), researchers now have unprecedented insights, moving beyond the ‘what’ to understand the ‘why’ in patient outcomes.

The integration of Elevate ENT’s wealth of data into Lynx.MD’s platform empowers healthcare professionals, researchers, and industry collaborators to delve deeper into the complexities of Otolaryngology. By combining longitudinal data with cutting-edge technology, the partnership opens new avenues for advancing research, driving innovation, and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

“Through our partnership with Lynx.MD, we are unlocking the power of real-world data in healthcare, propelling Otolaryngology research forward,” said James Polfreman, CEO at Elevate ENT, “This collaboration empowers researchers to glean insights that can directly impact patient outcomes, driving meaningful advancements in healthcare.”

“With Elevate ENT joining our research and data ecosystem, we are in a unique position to advance the understanding of ENT-related conditions and promote real-world evidence generation,” said Omer Dror, CEO and co-founder at Lynx.MD. “This partnership enhances our commitment to providing comprehensive insights that drive meaningful advancements in the treatment of sinusitis, asthma, nasal polyps, hearing loss, sleep apnea and other ENT-related conditions.”

This collaboration will bring a deeper understanding of ENT conditions and the factors influencing them enabling research and development to pursue personalized medicine, treatments, and care in Otolaryngology.

About Lynx MD
Lynx MD is a secure data network and medical intelligence platform that gives the healthcare ecosystem the ability to quickly and safely access real-world health and patient data to accelerate diagnostic and therapeutic solutions and improve patient outcomes. Lynx MD turns traditional data access control models upside down by making complex real-world data available for innovation within a secure, dedicated cloud environment that protects patient privacy.

About Elevate ENT Partners
With over 90 otolaryngology centers and 300 providers, Elevate ENT Partners is on a mission to eliminate barriers to quality patient care by providing private otolaryngology practices with stability, capital investment, and the resources they need to grow their practices and elevate their futures. As a physician-led organization, we put patient outcomes first, eliminate barriers to quality patient care, and help ENT practitioners advance their careers.

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