Regional Medical Associates Achieves Up to 90% Time Savings on Clinical Documentation with and eClinicalWorks EHR medical AI scribe assists in creating unique patient summaries and facilitates enhanced patient engagement

WESTBOROUGH, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–eClinicalWorks®, the largest ambulatory cloud EHR and first AI-driven EHR, today announced that Regional Medical Associates has successfully implemented medical AI scribe,, saving significant time on clinical documentation. As a result of the eClinicalWorks integration with, the medical AI scribe is easily available to eClinicalWorks customers, including Regional Medical Associates.

After integrating, Regional Medical Associates reports saving time across operations:

  • 90% for a simple patient follow-up appointment
  • 60–70% for a new patient visit,
  • 60-70% for a regular follow-up, not starting with a template

Regional Medical Associates is a Delaware-based multidisciplinary practice that offers comprehensive and interventional pain management and spinal care services with physical therapy, acupuncture, minor surgical procedures, yoga therapy, and more for all adult patient population. The team consists of certified healthcare professionals committed to bringing positive outcomes to patients suffering from chronic pain. Regional Medical Associates sought a medical AI scribe solution to save physicians time documenting patient information, enhancing efficiency in clinical documentation by reducing errors and streamlining workflows.

“ understands my accent and provides close to 90% or more accuracy in transcribing clinical documentation,” said Dr. Ganesh Balu, physiatrist and pain management specialist at Regional Medical Associates. “It’s a lifesaver for physicians who want to work efficiently and cut down on hours of typing as it takes focus away from patient care. It saves time on multi-screen navigation and scrolling. listens to the visit and presents the physician with a summary they review and approve.”

Balu further noted, “Sunoh means listen—AI technology listens to the conversation and helps physicians capture the whole story the way it should be recorded. helps us capture the patient’s complaints and how they describe them in their own words. It also helps document unique, patient-centered notes, enhancing the quality of care.” creates a transcript of the dialogue flow between providers and patients. It streamlines clinical documentation by categorizing the summarized content into various sections of the progress notes. The summary also captures lab, imaging, procedure, medication orders, and follow-up visits. Medical AI scribe allows healthcare providers to review, modify, and import relevant content for faster and more efficient documentation.

The medical AI scribe app is now available on any iOS and Android smartphones and iPads® for any EHR user. It also seamlessly integrates with eClinicalMobile® and eClinicalTouch® apps.

Watch this video to learn more about Regional Medical Associates’ success in implementing

About Regional Medical Associates

Regional Medical Associates is a Delaware-based integrated multidisciplinary care specializing in non-operative musculoskeletal rehabilitation & pain management. It caters to all age groups. Their team consists of a board-certified physiatrist, counselor, chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncturist, and athletic trainers committed to bringing positive change to patients suffering from chronic pain. For more information, visit

About is the revolutionary, EHR-agnostic, AI-powered ambient listening technology is designed to seamlessly translate natural language conversations between healthcare providers and patients into clinical documentation, offering a unique and immersive experience. makes clinical documentation faster and more efficient than ever before. For more information, visit

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