Syllable Corporation Announces Purchase of Actium Health

Syllable expands artificial intelligence offerings to health systems through the purchase of Actium Health’s patient activation solution, thus furthering its vision to advance and accelerate patient access to care

Syllable continues on the path to revolutionize healthcare with Actium Health to alleviate pain points of growing patient demands and expectations while driving patient volume

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Syllable, (, a leader in healthcare artificial intelligence and process automation, today announced its purchase of Actium Health. Actium Health will operate as a division of Syllable Corporation.

As the industry evolves, health systems are faced with multiple challenges: Revenue growth with limited capacity, managing and retaining a highly-skilled, but burnt-out workforce, increasing operational costs, and making the most of their care delivery capacity to ensure patient access to high-quality care.

Together, Syllable and Actium Health provide AI-driven automation solutions that enable health systems to optimize patient volume/capacity, reduce staff burden, and deliver improved patient access and outcomes. This makes it possible for health systems to ensure access for all patients, but especially for those who need care the most, such as patients at highest risk for chronic conditions such as breast cancer and heart disease.

“I started Actium Health with the belief that EMR data was being underutilized. If we could help health systems identify patients who needed care the most, health systems could better care for their communities by proactively reaching out to their highest-risk patients and connecting them to the care they need,” said Michael Linnert, founder and CEO of Actium Health. “Together with Syllable, we now have an end-to-end solution that allows patients to navigate health systems, schedule appointments, refill prescriptions, and more, all in an automated way either digitally or on the phone.”

Actium Health’s CENTARI™ Platform

Actium Health’s CENTARI platform predicts and prioritizes a patient’s likelihood of needing specific medical services, including care gaps and risk for progression. Its clinical propensity models empower service lines to proactively identify and reach out to those patients in greatest need of care, creating more opportunities to drive meaningful engagement and appointment volume.

The platform has delivered measurable results for health systems and patients across the U.S., including 1,395 lives positively impacted via early breast cancer diagnoses. To date, Actium Health has helped health systems identify and reach over 20 million patients in need of care.

“Actium Health’s partnership has improved our ability to help connect people to services they need,” said Chrisie Scott, Chief Marketing Officer at Virtua Health. “We want to see our community thrive, and one way we can help make that happen is to help people understand the preventive care they need. Working with Actium Health, we have helped drive patients at higher risk of cardiovascular disease and breast cancer to the appropriate screenings, which resulted in empowering people to see our expert clinicians for earlier diagnoses and treatment and prevention plans. Actium Health has been a critical partner in helping us optimize care capacity, increase revenue and, most importantly, deliver quality care to the members of our community who need it most. We look forward to learning how Syllable’s technology can help us further streamline our patient’s access to care working in conjunction with Actium Health.”

Customers using Actium Health include: Virtua Health, Catholic Health System of Long Island, Nuvance Health, and Legacy Health.

Syllable’s Patient Assistant

Syllable improves patient experience while reducing staff burden with AI. Syllable’s Patient Assistant offers a multilingual, 24/7 ‘front door’ to care while simultaneously reducing staff workload.

By using HIPAA-compliant AI and natural language processing (NLP) to understand patient needs, Syllable’s Patient Assistant integrates with a health system’s EHR and automates more than 70% of hospital calls; ensures 35+% more callers reach their destination and frees up staff to handle 30% more new appointment calls. It does this by assisting patients in searching for providers and departments, managing appointments, refilling prescriptions, finding patient rooms or nursing stations, and answering frequently asked questions. Syllable also offers insights into the full patient journey, enabling health systems to streamline operations and enhance the patient experience.

Trusted by leading health systems such as New York Presbyterian and Houston Methodist, Syllable handles over 1 million calls every month.

“At Syllable, our vision is to transform and advance communication between patients and health systems; today’s news helps us get closer to doing just that,” said Kobus Jooste, CEO of Syllable. “With AI and NLP, we have cracked the code on patient calls, ensuring patients quicker, more streamlined access to the care, and information about that care, they are looking for. With U.S. healthcare consumers prioritizing ‘ease of using healthcare services,’ the role Actium Health will play in Syllable’s portfolio is crucial to Syllable’s mission to revolutionize healthcare. We welcome the Actium Health team, and look forward to increasing the value we provide to health systems.”

Customers using Syllable’s Patient Assistant include: New York Presbyterian Hospital, Houston Methodist, and MemorialCare.

“The integration of the Syllable and Actium Health brands is a natural evolution in response to the needs of today’s health systems,” said Vig Chandramouli, a Partner at Oak HC/FT. “As they look to optimize for growth, reduce staff burden, and improve patient outcomes, health systems need partners with proven, measurable, business-driving results, specifically when it comes to identifying and driving action for the highest-risk patients and accelerating consumers’ access to care. Both Syllable and Actium Health have proven they can connect with patients at different moments in their healthcare journey, leading to improved experiences and health outcomes for the patients and maximum efficiency and revenue generation for health systems.”

About Syllable

Syllable is an AI-enabled healthcare services company that transforms the way health systems provide access to care by automating incoming and outgoing communications and providing opportunities for self-service transactions like appointment scheduling and prescription refilling. Syllable helps patients navigate health care options with empathy, transparency and intelligence from the moment they request care by dialing the phone or visiting a health system’s website. Since 2016, Syllable’s solutions have been in use by some of the largest and most respected health systems across the United States.

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About Actium Health

Actium Health, a division of Syllable Corporation, enables health systems to drive patient volume amidst workforce and financial constraints. Actium Health’s solutions help health systems drive patient volume by accelerating inbounding patients’ access to care through intelligent care navigation and identifying their most valuable and highest risk patients for proactive outreach. As a result, Actium Health’s clients achieve significant service line revenue growth while reducing operational costs and staff burnout.

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