TeleDaaS™ Launches Y90 Treatment Planning Service and Announces Pilot Program for Early Adopters

New program extends leadership of Y90 for treatment planning

CHICAGO, March 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TeleDaaS™, PLLC, the leading dosimetry-as-a-service provider, is expanding its services beyond clinical trials to include treatment planning for liver cancer patients treated with Y90. TeleDaaS is launching a pilot program and enrolling early adopters. The streamlined clinical workflows of TeleDaaS enable hospitals and health systems to deliver the most advanced care, resulting in better outcomes for patients who are being treated with Y90 therapies. By eliminating inefficient workflows, TeleDaaS saves time for physicians and helps hospitals improve their revenue capture under existing CPT codes.

“With this new service, we are elevating healthcare by providing dosimetry services directly to hospitals,” said TeleDaaS Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mark Crockett, M.D. “Understanding the current challenges facing hospitals and health systems today – staff shortages and inefficient workflows – our service breaks down barriers and alleviates these issues to drive efficiencies and support the most advanced care. With our proven technology and expertise in personalized dosimetry, coupled with the accessibility and scalability of telemedicine, TeleDaaS democratizes patient care and enables better patient outcomes.”

TeleDaaS specializes in providing providers with clinical-grade, precision-based dosimetry analysis and treatment plans for Y90 therapies that have been proven to benefit patients in clinical trials. TeleDaaS is designed to provide highly-scalable, best-in-class dosimetry services that integrate with existing imaging workflows, to transform cancer treatment research and development and treatment planning. At TeleDaaS, a team of leading dosimetry practitioners leverage proprietary software from Mirada Medical, LTD, which integrates with standard imaging technology to bring together best in class software and services.

Mirada Medical CEO Jon DeVries added, “We are excited to see TeleDaaS using our dosimetry-as-a-services platform to address the exploding market for radiopharmaceuticals which will drive demand for dosimetry. The current hospital market for dosimetry is $200M with an additional $80M in the pipeline for clinical research organizations. As more drugs are cleared, the market for TeleDaaS’s service grows to an estimated $2B in the future. That means more patients will have the opportunity to be given the proper dose to treat, and potentially cure, their cancer. As we proved with the DOSISPHERE-1 Clinical Trial, dose matters.”

Mirada’s advanced dosimetry technology has been used in multiple clinical trials to dramatically improve clinical outcomes, including DOSISPHERE-1 which compared personalized dosimetry with standard dosimetry. The life expectancy of patients on the personalized dosimetry arm of the trial increased to 26.6 months from 10.7 on the standard dosimetry arm of the trial. The benefits of personalized dosimetry were so stark that the trial was cut short because it was deemed unethical to assign patients to the standard dosimetry arm of the trial.

TeleDaaS’s technology and processes are tightly governed by robust quality methodologies and the platforms are information security compliant. TeleDaaS licenses a cloud-based technology platform from Mirada Medical. Through a service agreement with Mirada, TeleDaaS leverages the ISO 13485 and ISO 27001 compliance maintained by Mirada Medical.  

About TeleDaaS
The mission of TeleDaaS™ is to redefine dosimetry to transform cancer treatment research and development. With advanced technology and expert dosimetrists, TeleDaaS is pioneering Dosimetry-as-a-Service to bring highly-scalable, clinical-grade, precision-based dosimetry analysis and treatment plans to clinical research organizations (CROs), pharmaceutical manufacturers, and health systems. By combining the latest science and technology, alongside an efficient delivery model, TeleDaaS’s groundbreaking solution accelerates and enhances cancer treatment outcomes on a global scale. TeleDaaS exists at the intersection of innovation and healthcare, unlocking the immense potential of personalized medicine.

For recruiting sites looking to sign up as part of this pilot program, please click here.

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