BOCA RATON, FL / ACCESSWIRE / March 28, 2024 / Haven Health Care Services, a company that provides a wide range of specialized home healthcare services, is pleased to announce that it has now grown to 37 locations, has achieved over $100 million in revenue, and is recognized as one of the largest Medicare billers in the state of Arizona. This is part of the company-wide expansion in the works since early 2022.

Haven Health co-founder, co-owner, and managing partner Alexander VanScoyk says that these significant milestones were reached as of Q4 2022. Since he acquired the company as a startup in 2016, the goal has always been to grow the team, expand services, and move into additional regions.

“At this point, we’re up to a strong team of 1,500 employees, we’ve just hit $100 million in revenue, and we’re now serving multiple states,” says VanScoyk. “The business has truly transformed. We’ve grown our patient reach and now offer many services – home health, hospice, palliative care, and telehealth, among others.”

VanScoyk exited successfully in 2023 but remains invested in the company’s progress and continues to consult for his former partners. “Haven was created with a mission to help patients receive life-changing care and comfort,” says VanScoyk. “The goal was always to reach as many people as possible who needed these services, so it’s been so exciting to expand the business with more and more services.”

He adds that the company’s growth has led to even more jobs in Arizona and the other states that Haven Health now services. A primary focus of the expansion was to help the business grow to the point where it could support the associated nonprofit, the Haven Foundation.

“My business partner and I created The Haven Foundation to serve patients in rural communities in Arizona,” says VanScoyk. “These patients have limited access to medical services because of a lack of health insurance. The foundation has grown because the company has grown – and that means more needy patients have been served with life-giving care.”

The Haven Foundation’s growth has echoed the business side; as of Q1 2024, the foundation has donated over $250k worth of healthcare annually, equating to 1.5 million in total care provided. “Having grown up in a rural area, I am passionate about our work to help remove the typical barriers rural residents have to encounter when trying to obtain the medical care they need,” VanScoyk shares.

Due to the company hitting its growth milestones, Haven Home Health has been able to provide services to Medicare patients in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, and Illinois. VanScoyk and the rest of the team at Haven were driven to help patients receive the care they needed in the comfort of their own homes, and the entire team is elated by the company’s success.

“We are optimistic about the company’s sustained growth,” says VanScoyk. While he has since refocused his attention to other startups, hoping to achieve the same level of exciting growth, VanScoyk believes that the future holds more expansion for Haven Home Health, and he trusts that the team he left behind will continue to grow the business and help as many patients as possible.

About Haven Health Care

Haven Health Care provides a wide range of services, primarily focused on offering senior care through a quality continuum of care in the comfort of their homes. This organization operates in various states, including Arizona, Florida, Washington, New Mexico, and Indiana, and seeks to provide excellence in healthcare and well-being for all patients. From its initial 3 locations in 2016, Haven Health has grown to a thriving network of over 40 facilities, including home health offices, hospices, telemedicine healthcare providers, and nursing services.


Media contact: Alexander VanScoyk (480) 856-9779

SOURCE: Haven Health Care

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