Universal Recall Platform Alliance Launches to Keep Patients Safe

Industry initiative URPA broadens calls to improve speed, accuracy of recall communication

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 29, 2024 / Today marks a significant milestone in healthcare safety and efficiency with the launch of the Universal Recall Platform Alliance (URPA), a collaborative effort by leading healthcare organizations to address the critical inefficiencies plaguing the recall alert communication process. This initiative promises to revolutionize the way the industry manages recalls, reducing the burden on providers, speeding up regulatory compliance achievement by suppliers, and enhancing patient safety.

This groundbreaking alliance builds on the momentum of an open letter to the medical device industry, highlighted in Fast Company and Becker’s Hospital Review, advocating for the adoption of a unified, electronic recall communications platform. NotiSphere, known for its innovative solutions in healthcare communication, has been at the forefront of this call to action, providing the technology and vision necessary for such an ambitious undertaking. URPA invites all healthcare organizations to join and advance the industry toward a more streamlined recall management process.

“The current processes are fragmented, outdated, and inefficient, and that puts patients at risk while also placing undue burden on healthcare workers. This is evidenced by how hard hospital staff works to keep patients safe and the fact that we still find recalled products on hospital shelves,” said SxanPro Founder and CEO Ashlea Souffrou. “Until we land on a better way to get recalled products off the shelves, patient safety will remain vulnerable.”

“We are asking that manufacturers and distributors modernize recall procedures without delay,” said Kermit CEO and Cofounder Richard D. Palarea. “Our alliance and the open letter to the industry signify unwavering dedication to enhancing patient safety and setting new industry benchmarks. We invite all like-minded industry stakeholders to join this crucial movement.”

The alliance criticizes the existing paper-based system and fragmented online portals as inadequate, pushing for a unified platform that offers a “single point of communication for all updates and alerts.” This centralization is expected to streamline the recall management process, ensuring more efficient responses that safeguard patient health.

“The urgency to overhaul the outdated, risky recall system cannot be overstated,” said NotiSphere Founder and CEO Guillermo Ramas. “Providers deserve immediate, reliable access to recall information and supply-chain updates. A centralized electronic platform is the best solution to this long-standing issue.”

Healthcare organizations are urged to join URPA and contribute to this shift in industry practices. More information and the open letter are available at: https://www.notisphere.com/URPA/Open-letter.

About NotiSphere

NotiSphere transforms the way medical device manufacturers communicate recall alerts to healthcare providers with its state-of-the-art digital platform. By establishing direct, real-time connections, NotiSphere ensures that critical recall information reaches providers efficiently, minimizing the risk to patient safety. NotiSphere’s mission is to mitigate the impact of recall events by improving communication between medical device manufacturers and healthcare organizations, promoting a safer and more reliable healthcare supply chain. By choosing NotiSphere, manufacturers can demonstrate their commitment to patient safety and operational excellence.

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