Spok(R) Clinches 7th Consecutive Title for Leading Satisfaction in Clinical Communications & Messaging, 2024 Black Book Annual Customer Experience Survey

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 1, 2024 / Black Book conducted surveys among thousands of healthcare professionals from Q2 2023 to Q1 2024 to compile its yearly extensive industry report on secure communications, acknowledging top vendors through client experience and satisfaction measures. Black Book’s independent user surveys aim to inform healthcare technology buyers about vendors exceeding expectations, as rated by current and former customers across all organizational user levels.

For the seventh consecutive year, Spok®, renowned for its unified, HIPAA- and HITECH-compliant mobile platform for messaging, calls, and alerts, secured the highest accolades as the top-rated product.

Black Book Market Research LLC measures customer satisfaction across 18 copyrighted key performance indicators: Strategic Alignment of Vendor Offerings to the Client’s Mission and Goals; Innovation and Optimization; Training and Education; Client Relationships and Cultural Fit; Trust, Accountability, Ethics, and Transparency; Breadth of Offerings; Deployment and Implementation; Customization; Integration and Interfaces, Interoperability, and Connectivity; Scalability and Client Adaptability, Vendor Staff Expertise, and Performance; Reliability; Brand Image and Marketing Communications; Marginal Value Adds; Vendor Financial Viability and Managerial Stability; Data Storage Services; Support and Customer Care; and Best of Breed Technology and Process Improvement.

Altogether, almost 7,000 users of cybersecurity systems and senior-level managers engaged in the seven-month crowdsourced survey, which included 1,496 CIOs, CISOs, and hospital IT security managers, aimed at monitoring and analyzing user experience trends.

“Enhanced usability in clinical communications technology directly correlates with increased workforce satisfaction, consequently enhancing the delivery of patient care,” noted Doug Brown, President of Black Book Research. “Moreover, with the exponential growth in methods for sharing sensitive health information over the past decade, the demand for exceptional clinical communication and collaboration tools, such as those provided by Spok, has become indispensable for hospitals striving to advance patient care.”

Almost all surveyed CISOs and CIOs have prioritized secure communications in 2024. Additionally, eight percent indicate that they have established process improvement teams within their organizations, focused on addressing security gaps in clinical workflow and enhancing mobility.

According to responses from IT management, over 24% of hospital data in Q4 2023 was still being shared using insecure methods.

Currently, a quarter of hospitals lack support for HIPAA-compliant secure communications and messaging across all devices, marking a slight decrease from 34 percent in 2021. Additionally, twenty percent exclusively provide secure texting on devices issued by the hospital.

Brown emphasized, “The Joint Commission consistently finds that inadequate communication is a primary root cause of serious patient care-related injuries or fatalities. Despite this, numerous health systems lack a straightforward yet comprehensive and reliable digital communication technology to facilitate timely information exchange, essential for enhancing patient safety and quality.”

About Black Book™

As the largest survey of its kind in healthcare IT, Black Book™ has gathered over 2 million opinions on vendor performance in cybersecurity information technology and outsourced services within the healthcare industry. With over 15 years of international recognition, Black Book™ is renowned for its customer satisfaction polling. Black Book™, along with its founder, management, and staff, does not possess any financial stake or ownership in the vendors included in this survey.

For methodology, auditing, resources, comprehensive research, and ranking data, see http://blackbookmarketresearch.com.

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