ColoAlert® Revenue Increased 69% Year Over Year; Net Loss in Line with Previous Year; Cash Balance at Year End of $7.1 Million

BERKELEY, Calif. and MAINZ, Germany, April 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mainz Biomed N.V. (NASDAQ:MYNZ) (“Mainz Biomed” or the “Company”), a leader in molecular genetics diagnostic solutions for early cancer detection, announced today financial results for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2023.

“This past fiscal year represented an important period of progress for the Company highlighted by reporting results from our groundbreaking ColoFuture and eAArly DETECT studies which demonstrated extraordinary statistical significance for colorectal cancer (CRC) detection and advanced adenomas, a type of pre-cancerous polyp which are considered precursors to colorectal cancer,” commented Guido Baechler, Chief Executive Officer of Mainz Biomed. “This outstanding outcome positions our much-anticipated ReconAAsense pivotal FDA PMA study to be optimally designed to evaluate a best-in-class self-administered CRC screening tool which if successful, will be the gold standard stool-based diagnostic for this deadly disease. As we make final preparations to initiate ReconAAsense’s patient enrollment, which remains on track to begin later this year, we will continue expanding the international commercialization of ColoAlert®, our highly efficacious and easy-to-use DNA-based detection test for CRC and advance the balance of our product development pipeline.”

Key 2023 Accomplishments and Recent Highlights

  • Announced groundbreaking results from ColoFuture (Europe) and eAArly DETECT (U.S.) clinical studies evaluating the potential to include novel gene expression (mRNA) biomarkers into a next generation version of Mainz BioMed’s CRC screening test.
    • ColoFuture reported sensitivity for CRC of 94% with specificity of 97% and advanced adenoma (AA) sensitivity of 80%.
    • eAArly DETECT reported sensitivity for colorectal cancer of 97% with a specificity of 97% and a sensitivity for advanced adenoma of 82%.
  • Final preparations for Pivotal FDA PMA clinical trial (ReconAAsense) evaluating gold standard self-administered CRC test – on track to commence patient enrollment in 2024.
  • Established partnership with Trusted Health Advisors, a market leader in supporting the U.S. launches and management of commercial programs for diagnostic products – collaboration led by Jay Wohlgemuth, former Chief Medical & Scientific Officer of Quest Diagnostics.
  • Expanded international commercialization of ColoAlert®, a highly efficacious and easy-to-use DNA-based detection test for CRC being sold via Company’s unique business model of marketing products via partnerships with third-party laboratories versus the traditional methodology of operating a single facility.
  • Established commercial operations in major markets including Spain, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Israel, and the UK.

The company opened its own physician-led laboratory, ‘European Oncology Lab’ (EOL), thereby offering ColoAlert® as a laboratory medical service directly to physicians and patients, granting potential for further expansion into Germany’s private health insurance segment where the DNA-based test already receives reimbursement.

Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements (unaudited):

Mainz Biomed N.V.
Condensed Consolidated Statements of Profit or Loss and Comprehensive Loss (unaudited)
(in U.S. Dollars)
      Years ended  
      December 31,  
      2023   2022  
  Revenue   $ 895,479   $ 529,877  
  Cost of revenue     385,820     347,726  
  Gross profit     509,659     182,151  
  Gross margin     57%     34%  
  Operating expenses:              
  Sales and marketing      6,158,477      6,396,906  
  Research and development      9,590,393      5,019,366  
  General and administrative      11,405,471      15,209,919  
  Total operating expenses      27,154,341      26,626,191  
  Loss from operations      (26,644,682)      (26,444,040)  
  Other Expenses, net     348,955     56,704  
  Income (loss) before income tax      (26,295,727)      (26,387,336)  
  Income taxes provision      –      –  
  Net loss   $  (26,295,727)   $  (26,387,336)  
  Foreign currency translation gain (loss)     (504,494)     49,703  
  Comprehensive loss   $  (26,800,221)   $  (26,337,633)  
  Basic and diluted loss per ordinary share   $ (1.62)   $ (1.86)  
  Weighted average number of ordinary shares outstanding      16,242,334      14,157,492  

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Mainz Biomed N.V.
Condensed Consolidated Statements of Financial Position (unaudited)
(in U.S. Dollars)
        December 31,   December 31,  
        2023   2022  
  Current Assets              
    Cash   $ 7,070,925   $ 17,141,775  
    Trade and other receivables, net      93,555      66,984  
    Inventories      613,638      175,469  
    Prepaid expenses and other current assets     1,201,670      994,113  
  Total Current Assets     8,979,788     18,378,341  
    Property and equipment, net     1,702,317      661,692  
    Intangible assets     3,394,645      
    Right-of-use assets     1,332,170     1,177,695  
    Other assets     108      23,275  
    Total assets   $ 15,409,028   $ 20,241,003  
  Current Liabilities              
    Accounts payable and accrued liabilities   $ 3,484,317   $ 2,916,679  
    Deferred Revenue      138,889      
    Current maturities of long-term debt     4,936,428     1,040,573  
    Intellectual property acquisition liability – related party      388,839      
    Lease liabilities      288,463      285,354  
  Total current liabilities     9,236,936     4,242,606  
    Long term debt     1,030,166      943,214  
    Lease liabilities     1,165,723      959,116  
    Intellectual property acquisition liability – related party      726,977      
    Total Liabilities     12,159,802     6,144,936  
  Shareholders’ equity              
  Share capital      235,818      164,896  
  Share premium     51,507,526     38,831,542  
  Reserve     21,286,215     18,079,741  
  Accumulated deficit     (69,328,021)     (43,032,294)  
  Accumulated other comprehensive income      (452,312)      52,182  
  Total shareholders’ equity     3,249,226     14,096,067  
  Total liabilities and shareholders’ equity   $ 15,409,028   $ 20,241,003  

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About ColoAlert®
ColoAlert®, Mainz Biomed’s flagship product, delivers high sensitivity and specificity in a user-friendly, at-home colorectal cancer (CRC) screening kit. This non-invasive test can be indicative of tumors as determined by analyzing tumor DNA, offering better early detection than fecal occult blood tests (FOBT). Based on PCR-technology, ColoAlert® detects more cases of colorectal cancer than other stool tests and allows for an earlier diagnosis (Dollinger et al., 2018, Franck et al. 2024). The product is commercially available in select EU countries through a network of leading independent laboratories, corporate health programs and via direct sales. To receive marketing approval in the US, ColoAlert® will be evaluated in the FDA-registration trial ‘ReconAAsense.’ Once approved in the US, the Company’s commercial strategy is to establish scalable distribution through a collaborative partner program with regional and national laboratory service providers across the country.

About Colorectal Cancer
Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common cancer globally, with more than 1.9 million new cases reported in 2020, according to World Cancer Research Fund International. The US Preventive Services Task Force recommends that screening with stool DNA tests such as ColoAlert® should be conducted once every three years starting at age 45. Each year in the US, 16.6 million colonoscopies are performed. However, roughly one-third of US residents aged 50-75 have never been screened for colon cancer. This gap in screening represents a $4.0B+ total market opportunity in the US.

About Mainz Biomed N.V.  
Mainz Biomed develops market-ready molecular genetic diagnostic solutions for life-threatening conditions. The Company’s flagship product is ColoAlert®, an accurate, non-invasive and easy-to-use, early-detection diagnostic test for colorectal cancer based on real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction-based (PCR) multiplex detection of molecular-genetic biomarkers in stool samples. ColoAlert® is currently marketed across Europe. The Company is planning to run a pivotal FDA clinical study for US regulatory approval. Mainz Biomed’s product candidate portfolio also includes PancAlert, an early-stage pancreatic cancer screening test. To learn more, visit   

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