Strategic Advisory for Leading Therapeutics Innovation Inc. (SALTI) Launches as New Management Consulting Firm

The new firm promises to bring a new model for a consulting partner in the life sciences industry.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 1, 2024 / Strategic Advisory for Leading Therapeutics Innovation Inc. (SALTI) is proud to announce its official launch, poised to set a new standard in life sciences consulting.

Founded by Sherif Salti, a distinguished leader in digital transformation within the life sciences sector, SALTI is uniquely positioned to offer a differentiated partnership. Drawing on his extensive track record of successful transformations across the industry, the firm is designed to capitalize on emerging opportunities and drive significant advancements in life sciences commercialization. Expanding on the vision of its founder to “Advance Medicine, Transform Lives,” SALTI integrates a powerhouse team with expertise in launch excellence, digital transformation, scientific and medical advisory, advanced analytics, among others.

Ray Gomez, reflecting on his partnership with Sherif Salti over the years that shaped transformative strategies globally during his past collaborations as Vice President of Worldwide Omnichannel Capabilities at Bristol Myers Squibb, lauded his contributions: “Sherif Salti is an exceptional leader whose profound expertise and unwavering dedication have been pivotal in our transformation initiatives. His strategic acumen and meticulous attention to detail have been crucial in navigating complex challenges and delivering superior outcomes.”

In an industry propelled by rapid innovation and intricate challenges, the strategic importance of specialty markets cannot be overstated. Oncology, as the leading area of medicine costs globally with a projected spend of $377 billion by 2027, highlights the critical need for specialized expertise within life sciences organizations. Parallel to this, the rise of emerging biopharmaceutical companies marks a crucial industry trend. These agile and innovative entities often find themselves hindered by the bureaucratic inertia typical of larger, traditional options for strategic advisory partners. Such companies, vital for driving sector-wide innovation, require partners who mirror their agility and can adapt swiftly to changing market dynamics.

SALTI, with its focused, agile teams, is uniquely equipped to meet these needs. The new firm’s approach delivers clear, strategic insights without the burdensome overhead of conventional models, fostering an environment where strategic planning seamlessly transitions into impactful execution.

Sherif Salti elaborates on the firm’s operational ethos: “Our aim is to enhance our clients’ ability to innovate autonomously. We provide the roadmap and tools, but our goal is to empower clients to lead their own advancements effectively. To that end, a forthcoming roadmap from SALTI includes the introduction of strategic capability ‘accelerators’-tools and frameworks designed to significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of life sciences capabilities, particularly for new product launches.

SALTI’s partnership model is distinct in its aim to support clients toward internalizing strategic capabilities. “Our focus is on collaboration, not self-promotion. We ensure our clients, the true pioneers of change, are front and center,” Sherif Salti says. “True value creation lies within – what makes our approach unique is the enduring internal strategic growth we foster for our clients.”

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Strategic Advisory for Leading Therapeutics Innovation Inc. (SALTI) is a management consulting firm dedicated to the life sciences industry, specializing in commercial transformation, launch excellence enablement, and evolving models of customer engagement.

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Discover more about SALTI’s vision and strategic initiatives in our launch announcement video on May 1, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. ET.

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