Employee Health Plan Partnered with Midland Health Saves Local Government Agency $30 Million in Health Care Costs

MILWAUKEE, June 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Midland Health, a national corporate wellness and biometric screening company, reported today that their client, Collier County, Florida saved $30,000,000 in health care costs over the past 6 years.

The report contradicts a key finding in a recent JAMA article, a medical journal, that cited one employee wellness program which showed that while employees learned to exercise more and watch their weight, there was no significant differences in outcomes like lower blood pressure or sugar levels, and other health measures. Nor did it result in a significant reduction in workers’ health care costs.

Collier County, who contracts with Midland Health for biometric screening services and reports, reduced risk factors for diabetes for employees and their families, as well as improving lipids, BMI, blood pressure and tobacco cessation. During the 2015 qualifying year, 255 spouses were prediabetic. Two years later, that number dropped to 153.

“Clearly, employee health care programs do work, if–and that’s a big if–the programs are administered correctly,” said Jo Steinberg, president of Milwaukee-based Midland Health, which provides corporate wellness programs for midsize to large companies and organizations throughout the U.S. “To save $30 million healthcare costs is phenomenal and eye popping.”

“Midland Health’s staff has improved our employee wellness program experience with their quick and positive responses to operational management requests,” said Karen Eastman, wellness programs manager for Collier County, Fla., which includes Naples and San Marco Island. 

“Extensive, cost effective lab and biometric testing, physician visits and follow-up proved to be the secret sauce in a benefits program that makes other companies and government agencies envious,” Steinberg said. “Employers struggling with the high cost of health insurance benefits can keep costs in line if they know the secret to a successful corporate wellness program.” 

“The good news is that many other employers can save money and see encouraging results either by replicating the Collier County program or borrowing as many elements as it can afford,” Steinberg said.

“It’s all about the kind of program you offer. Any company can say they offer a wellness program. But the kind of program Collier County provides for employees and their families program is very high touch and keeps participation high,” she said. “How the program is administered makes all the difference.”

Case Study

In 2008, Collier County administrators were frustrated because their self-funded health plan wasn’t working.  Too few of their employees and their families were taking advantage of all of the benefits such as routine screening.

The health plan needed a massive overhaul.

“We set up a plan to identify and prevent serious catastrophic events,” said Jeff Walker, division director of risk management for the county. “In the process, we showed people we care, and that we want them to be healthy and happy.”

“The one-on-one, personal approach has proven to be the best model for their employees, and it’s one that other organizations can replicate,” Steinberg said. “The main reason employees and their families love the plan is because human beings—not automated phone systems or online self-service portals—guide them every step of the way.”

Free Consultation

Midland Health said the effectiveness of the Collier program can be traced to seven key points, outlined in a white paper written by Midland Health about the Collier program.

The white paper is available at https://www.midlandhealth.com/white-paper 

Corporate Wellness Officers or HR Managers who have self-funded health plans and would like to adopt all or part of Collier County’s seven-step plan to create your own health care benefits success story, can contact Jo Steinberg at [email protected] or call 800-898-8211. Midland Health welcomes the opportunity to consult with your organization about our high quality, high touch biometric screening and scheduling services, and our Learn Your Levels participant and aggregate reports.

About Midland Health

Midland Health is one of the nation’s leading providers of on-site wellness screenings, health coaching and flu shot programshttps://flushotsforyou.com/. We help you understand your biometric screening results and provide actionable insights.

Midland Health has been providing biometric testing since 1988 and HRA’s, custom reporting and flu shots for corporate partners for over a decade. Our experience and high standards have provided our customers with quality solutions for corporate wellness. 

We provide highly trained phlebotomist, MA’s RNs, NPs and MDs to conduct our services on site, abide by all government safety standards and are HIPAA compliant. 

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