Sun Genomics and NZMP Expand Partnership to Uncover Added Health Benefits of Precision Probiotics

Building on a Successful Pilot Study, the Two Companies are Further Validating the Link Between Gut Health and Happiness

SAN DIEGO and CHICAGO, July 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sun Genomics, creator of Floré, the world’s only fully customized precision probiotic, and NZMP, the ingredient-solutions brand by global dairy company Fonterra, announced today an expansion of their existing partnership aimed at better understanding the various health benefits of probiotics. With an ongoing goal to conduct in-depth consumer research, Sun Genomics and NZMP are launching the second phase of a joint clinical trial known as “Project Happy.”

Beginning September 1, 2022, the six-week trial is designed to further validate findings from the brands’ first consumer pilot study, which tested NZMP’s LactoB HN001™ strain with 52 Floré customers to determine if there were any significant improvements in mental wellness and happiness. After 60 days of consuming a probiotic formulation and rating their psychological well-being on the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire, participants’ mean happiness score increased. The difference between the data was statistically significant, showing that participants felt happier after taking the probiotics.

Aiming to gather additional data on the link between gut health and happiness, Sun Genomics and NZMP are launching a larger follow-up study with 120 participants.

“We are proud to work on developing the next generation of probiotics, all while discovering new functionalities and health benefits,” said Neal Gidvani, chief operating officer of Sun Genomics. “By uncovering powerful responses to novel probiotic strains, such as a boost in happiness levels, we are adding significant value to our current approach. Ultimately, this allows us to grow our consumer offering and help more people than ever before.”

With existing research linking gastrointestinal health to improved mood, the intent of this study is to further prove the hypothesis that gut health can have a tangible impact on a person’s overall happiness. Additionally, it aims to confirm that the benefits of probiotics can be seen outside of clinical settings and withstand the rigors of normal lifestyles.

“After analyzing the results of our first pilot study, we knew that it would be beneficial to expand our relationship with Sun Genomics and build upon that success,” said Chris Ireland, U.S. Probiotics business manager of the Active Lifestyle division at NZMP. “Since nothing of this scale has ever been done before, we are looking forward to sharing our findings with researchers and consumers alike.”

Happiness is an increasingly important topic for many. In the 2022 World Happiness Report, the United States ranked behind 15 other countries, despite its relatively high overall standard of living.

To collect additional information on consumers’ stress levels, moods and probiotics usage, NZMP recently surveyed more than 1,000 U.S. adults through CARAVAN. Of the 37% of respondents who reported having stress and mood issues, 18% said that they currently take probiotics to help with this and 65% said that they would consider it.

The relationship between Sun Genomics and NZMP began in 2018, when NZMP was impressed by Sun Genomics’ customizable approach to health via personalized probiotics. For more information on Floré, visit

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Sun Genomics, headquartered in San Diego, California, is a leader in gut health testing. Founded in 2016, the company specializes in made-to-order probiotics based on an individual’s gut microflora. Using a patented methodology based on the extraction of DNA in stool, this approach ensures that customers receive a fully personalized probiotic that can be received as a monthly subscription.

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