1AND1 Life Launches to Simplify Consumer Purchasing Decisions in the Health and Wellness Space

NEW YORK, April 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — 1AND1 Life proudly announces the launch of their new digital lifestyle platform dedicated to democratizing the consumer health and wellness verticals, aiming to provide readers with informed purchasing decisions in an overly-saturated, and highly biased market. Founded by Columbia University grad and marketing expert Thomas Drew, along with former NFL athlete turned celebrity trainer Corey Lewis, the duo launches 1AND1 with an impressive roster of brand ambassadors and fitness experts, providing relevant insight on topics and subject matter as consumer interest in health and wellness increases as the warmer months approach.

“Digital fatigue is real – every day a new supplement, workout, diet fad or yoga pant is thrown in our faces, either by an influencer or by ads. This isn’t bad, but we don’t want people to feel overwhelmed and confused about what they’re buying or what they see in the fitness space anymore. And even if you’re not overwhelmed or confused, the least we can do is help by providing information that’s easy to digest, spoken in your language, and delivered in a way that informs your purchasing decisions and makes them easier. We aim to disrupt in a value-first way, while building a brand around our concept that is content driven and community first,” said Thomas Drew, co-founder and president of 1AND1.

1AND1 offers two core products: a digital consumer lifestyle platform solely dedicated to providing unbiased reviews and opinions within the health and wellness space, and an e-commerce destination customers can truly trust for fitness utility.

The platform prides themselves on having developed a roster of dedicated experts who use their vast experience in fitness, health, nutrition and wellness to thoughtfully evaluate all content and recommendations to readers.

Unlike traditional digital influencers, those working with the 1AND1 platform are digitally-savvy content pros that know how to attract attention and know what to look for when it comes to a quality fitness product or service. Their purpose is to drive qualified traffic to 1AND1 platform through social media while continuously increasing brand awareness.

Select highlights of 1AND1 Expert Team include: Sam Davis (CPT, FNS), Dr. Patrick Jean Pierre, MD, Ana Snyder, amongst others.

Select highlights of 1AND1 Brand Ambassadors include: Andrea Denver, Danielle FCasi Davis, Cory Wharton and Priscilla Ricart, Lisa Alli,  amongst others.

Founder, Expert and Ambassador roster and interviews, photos, and other press assets available upon request.

“As a trainer, too often I would work with clients and they would follow some diet that wasn’t sustainable, or chasing some new quick-fix health trend, only to be left with minimal results and money down the drain,” said Corey Lewis, co-founder and CEO of 1AND1. “The problem is that there is truly no one size fits all diet, and there’s no miracle supplement that’s going to get you where you want to be. However, another problem is that there are so called “credible” people within the fitness industry who are willing to mix factual information along with false information to sell products within the vertical in order to make a solid living for themselves. 1AND1 is on a mission to change that by offering only credible and unbiased reviews on our platform,” continued Lewis.

To celebrate the launch of 1AND1, a media-exclusive experiential event is scheduled for Saturday, April 27 in New York City (venue to be announced), where all 1AND1 brand ambassadors and experts will be on-hand to provide insight and demonstrate fitness techniques.

About 1AND1 Life:
(www.1and1life.com) Founded in 2019, 1and1 Life is a digital lifestyle company in the health & wellness/fitness space. We provide readers with reviews, blogs, and branded merchandise that they can trust and enjoy. The fitness space is saturated, and often times overwhelming. Our goal is to simplify the purchasing decisions of our readers and consumers when they’re looking to buy activewear, supplements, workout equipment, and anything in-between!  “Discover your fit.”

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