Trident Endo Celebrates Its Largest Volunteer Turnout at the 6th Annual Save-A-Smile Event!

LAUREL, MD / ACCESSWIRE / May 1, 2024 / Trident Endo’s annual Save-a-Smile event was hosted on April 27 from 8AM-2PM at RCT Endodontics Laurel, Maryland Office. In addition to its distinction as the 6th annual event, this year also boasted the largest volunteer turnout to date with 51 volunteers helping to advance the Save-A-Smile mission. Created in recognition of the American Association of Endodontists’ Save-Your-Tooth month, Trident Endo has once again empowered its surrounding communities with exceptional endodontic care.

Speaking of recognition, Drs. Adam Orgel and Badri Jureidini were awarded the Prestigious Volunteer for being part of this initiative since its inception. In addition, Dr. Ronald Taylor, Founder of Trident Endo and Dr. Lucciola Lambruschini, Director of Dental services at the Catholic Charities Center of Washington DC, were both awarded the Visionary Awards for making this annual cause a reality for the community.

Founded in 2018, Trident Save-a-Smile Foundation provides tooth-saving care to those with zero access. Our mission is to collaborate with other providers, non-profit clinics, and community centers to minimize the negative impacts of limited access to endodontic expertise.

During the event, our endodontists and dental teams treat primarily low-income and undocumented immigrant patients. Without this important event, these patients would have likely resorted to compromising “underground dentists” to relieve their tooth pain, or they could have lost their teeth by not treating them at all.

Having damaged or missing teeth compromises self-esteem and self-confidence. Trident Endo’s Save-A-Smile patients reap the benefits of their root canal treatments by re-entering the workforce with a beaming smile.

For 2024, donated endodontic services totaled $28,198, represented by 15 root canals and 14 patients.

Our efforts are facilitated by the generosity of donors like the MSDA Foundation, Foundation for Endodontics, Support DDS, and Brasseler USA Dental Instruments. We thank you for continuing to support our mission by ensuring we have the resources required to make endodontic care accessible to everyone.

The Trident Endo team also extends our sincere gratitude to the employees, sponsors, and practices who participated in this year’s Save-a-Smile event, including Dr. Angela Noguera of DC Endodontic Center, Dr. Alexis Herring of Bay Endodontics, and Drs. Ronald Taylor, Adam Orgel, Badri Jureidini, Eunice Kim from RCT Endodontics. We invite you to visit Trident Endo’s Save-a-Smile Foundation page to meet all of our enthusiastic volunteers, without whom this event wouldn’t be possible.

Consider becoming a corporate sponsor of the Trident Save-a-Smile Foundation by contacting Crystal Mathura, Director of Business Development.

Interested in participating in the Save-a-Smile mission, including upcoming events?

Contact Crystal Mathura
Tel.: 301-857-8700

SOURCE: Trident Endo

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