UptimeHealth Announces Acquisition of Dental Whale, Including its Subsidiaries Dental Fix, Florida Dental Repair, and Front Office Rocks

BOSTON, MA – May 1, 2024UptimeHealth, a leader in healthcare technology solutions based in Boston, Massachusetts, is proud to announce the successful acquisition of Dental Whale, the leading dental practice solutions and learning provider in North America, including its subsidiaries, Dental Fix, Florida Dental Repair and Front Office Rocks. These expansions enhance UptimeHealth’s offerings and signal the launch of UptimeServices, a new subsidiary focused on expanded service solutions within the healthcare and dental industries.

This acquisition and series of partnerships signify a critical expansion in UptimeHealth’s trajectory, coinciding with the unveiling of UptimeServices. UptimeServices is designed to play a crucial role in our strategy to elevate access to service for providers, improve standards of service, and facilitate education to aspiring technicians across healthcare settings.

Key Highlights of the Acquisition and New Partnerships:

Enhanced Capabilities: The inclusion of Dental Whale, Dental Fix, Florida Dental Repair, and Front Office Rocks significantly broadens our asset management, staff training, and education opportunities, and onsite equipment repair services specifically tailored for the dental market.

Expanded Reach: These strategic expansions extend our reach into thousands of dental practices across North America, bolstering our ability to enhance healthcare delivery through technological innovation and specialized services.

Introduction of UptimeServices: These initiatives are integral to the launch of UptimeServices, a subsidiary designed to focus on specialized healthcare equipment service solutions, reinforcing our mission to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and improve patient outcomes.

Statements from Leadership:

Jinesh Patel, Founder & CEO of UptimeHealth, says, “The acquisition of Dental Whale represents significant advancements towards our vision of enhanced healthcare management. These additions, and the announcement of UptimeServices, demonstrate our commitment to improving our offerings, deepening our industry expertise, and allowing us to deliver unparalleled value to our clients.”

Russ Baker, previously Equipment, Service & Supplies Leader at Dental Whale, states, “This new chapter under UptimeHealth and UptimeServices is an exciting development for us at Dental Whale and Dental Fix. We look forward to a deeper integration with UptimeHealth’s innovative ecosystem and continuing to deliver exceptional services to the dental community.”

For more information on this acquisition, the new partnerships, the upcoming rebranding, or to learn more about UptimeServices and its new subsidiaries, visit uptimehealth.com

About UptimeHealth

UptimeHealth, headquartered in Boston, specializes in providing user-friendly software solutions for healthcare administrators and operators. Our technologies focus on compliance management, operational efficiencies, and access to a vast network of qualified biomed technicians. UptimeHealth is dedicated to supporting the shift of healthcare to in-home and outpatient settings, thereby enhancing patient care. To learn more, visit uptimehealth.com

About Dental Whale

With offices in Atlanta, San Antonio, and Ft. Lauderdale, Dental Whale® aims to Simplify the Business of Dentistry. Through its suite of subsidiary companies, Dental Whale helps dentists – in private and group dentistry – operate dental practices more efficiently by saving money on purchases, marketing to new patients, expanding through acquisitions, improving patient experience, and increasing office efficiency. The company aims to improve dental health for everyone by creating breakthroughs in dental practice management through insight and innovation. Delivering solutions developed by dentists and technology experts combined with a leadership team of industry veterans, Dental Whale delivers its members proven cost-effective practice solutions and time-saving results that meet the expectations of even the most demanding patient. Dental Whale employs a diverse team of more than 850 team members, has supported more than 20,000 dentists, and helped serve more than 4 million patients. For more information on Dental Whale, call 855-339-3740 or visit https://www.dentalwhale.com/.



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